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Munising Wood Products

Information and links related to the Munising Wood Products
factory that operated in Munising, Michigan from 1911 to 1955.




Site Overview

Welcome to the Munising Wood Products Page!

New updates finally. I apologize for my neglect of these pages. Life has been hectic and to be completely honest, it has been more than a little difficult coming back to these pages, since they were something that I did with my Dad. Nonetheless, I am finally back to them with the first new updates in quite some time: new examples of 9 inch bowls. These are the last things that Dad explicitly gave me for the web pages, so from here on out, it's up to me. I will still try (no promises!) to find new materials to put up every three to six months, as long as I can keep finding it.

Another apology is also in order: I have been unforgivably lax in responding to woodenware-related e-mail. I have a backlog of at least 9 months, which I am starting to respond to. If you are one of the many people who have contacted me, please have a little more patience, and I'll work my way through all of them.

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