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Munising Wood Products

Information and links related to the Munising Wood Products
factory that operated in Munising, Michigan from 1911 to 1955.




Brief Chronology

1877   The Freeman Manufacturing Company is established in Kalkaska, Michigan.
1911   The Munising Woodenware Company, successor to the Freeman Manufacturing Company, is established and incorporated.
ca. 1916   The Munising Woodenware Company merges with the Munising Veneer Company. The new company is known as the Munising Woodenware Company.
1934   The Munising Woodenware Company merges with the Piqua Handle and Manufacturing Company of Marquette. It becomes known as the Piqua-Munising Wood Products Company, with main offices in Cleveland, Ohio.
1939   The veneer mill in Munising discontinues production briefly and is then purchased by the Atlas Plywood Corporation.
1940   Piqua-Munising Wood Products declares bankruptcy in (although production continues) and is purchased by the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, which has been a majority owner of the Piqua-Munising operation. It now becomes known as Munising Wood Products. This includes the Munising and Marquette operations.
1941   The main offices move from Cleveland to Marquette.
ca. 1945   The joint operation is purchased by the Dearborn Company and the main offices are moved to Chicago.
1955   Munising operations cease.
1960   Marquette operations cease.
The Munising operation was located on what is now Mill Street. The Marquette mill was on the site of the present Marquette Senior High School.
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