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About Greatlakes Cybersites

GreatLakes Cybersites was started in 1993 by William LeVeque when he saw a need to Consult with Businesses and Individuals who were interested in learning about the Internet and obtaining an Internet presence through Web Site Development. Many years later with the explosion of the internet, Business is booming, clients are satisfied, and there has never been a better time to get in on the ground floor of advertising on the internet. As a Family business, Greatlakes Cybersites caters to the needs of Small Business with individualized instruction, and computer configuration counseling. Classes are taught in the office or Home.
Can we help you today ? Why pay big bucks for the SAME information in flashing lights ?
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Web Development Pricing

Complete Internet Business Solutions

Putting your Business on the Internet requires three fees:

1. The development of your Web site.

2. A place to host your Web site. This is a computer that is
connected to the Internet that runs 24 hours a day delivering
your information to the World Wide Web.

Pricing for the development of your Web site

Compared to a national average of $13,000 for a small company Web site, our prices range from $150 to $1,500 annually for a site. We developed a way to work with you across the country. Prices include consultation, custom-designed graphics as well as other site graphics, placing your text and images on Web pages, a sophisticated navigation system, a CGI-powered response form and advertising your site to the Web search engines and directories. You may want to check the average price of web sites.

Pricing For Hosting Your Web Site

After your Web site is built it must be hosted by a server (Computer) that is connected to the Internet.

We will place your web site on the server of your choice or you may find our server the best server for your particular web site.

Hosting Fees: $35.00 per month on our server

Your Domain Name


We will set up your domain registration with InterNic. Once
this name becomes registered (in 24 hours) it becomes your property.

Thousands of registrations are sent in daily we will assist you in
finding the best domain name for your business or organization.

If you choose you may register a domain name the registration is
$30.00, good for the first two years renewal is $15.00 for each
successive year. A setup fee of $50.00 is required. Contact us in
regard to this registration we will help you find the right name.

Your E-Mail

Your email address may read yourname@yourdomain.com we can set up as many e-mail accounts as you need. Included in our pricing (No hidden fee).

Web Site Options available

Additional custom Web page design. $25/hour
Additional scanned graphics, no larger than"8 x 10". $15.00 each

Custom CGI programming. $50/hour
Special graphics, logos, and animated graphics $60.00/hour.
Site publicity up to 150 search engines. $125.00

Greatlakes Cybesites is your one-stop source for Web Site Presence on the Internet. For Information about your Future, call us today !!! (906) 387-3068

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